Emma & Jon

Like every bride, Emma wished for sunshine on her wedding day. But when that special day was cancelled due to heavy snow, she had every right to expect the month of May would offer the desired sunshine for her re-arranged marriage to Jon. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be! On this occasion Emma and Jon had to contend with heavy rain! But, on a happy note, rain on a wedding day is supposed to bring good luck … the logic behind this belief being that a ‘wet knot’ is more difficult to untie!

Emma and Jon’s joyous wedding celebrations began with their service in the 14th century church of St Mary’s, Whissonsett followed by the wedding breakfast and further celebrations under the oak beams at Godwick Great Barn, Tittleshall… the weather proving to be of little relevance by now. We did, however, later in the day, manage to take advantage of some late sunshine and film several nice sunny, romantic shots by the ruins in the fields surrounding the venue.

The wedding breakfast itself broke with tradition, in that there were five courses on offer; with speeches given between each course … It will come as little surprise to learn that bridegroom, Jon, is himself a chef, and tailor made each course provided by the sublime Brasted's catering!

It was an occasion with many memorable moments that the happy couple, and their guests, will treasure forever. Among them the groom’s younger brother, who, not content with throwing a handful of confetti over Emma and Jon, managed to tip a whole basketful on to them! I couldn't resist putting that in their highlights! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Devine-Gay!

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