Mushka & Eliot

Love, joy and happiness make the world go around – so the saying goes; fundamental elements which I try to encapsulate in my films. Each wedding I film is unique, and possesses its individual nuances, so I was delighted when Mushka and Eliot asked me to film their incredible Jewish wedding at the Museum of London in Docklands.

Following the bridal preparations at the nearby Hilton Hotel, Mushka and her bridesmaids made the short journey to the Docklands Museum for the ceremony. The warm, joyful atmosphere at the venue was in stark contrast to the cold February day outside, and the wedding service followed in the time-honoured, traditional Jewish manner.

Mushka chose familiar Jewish folk music to accompany walk to the Chuppah, which was lit with beautiful lanterns and fairy lights and looked absolutely magical. Eliot chose to meet her halfway to unveil her, another tradition to confirm that the true bride was underneath the veil.

Once Eliot smashed the glass, the party began in earnest! Pure Orange Band, energised guests in to some crazy dancing at the evening party where those essential elements of love, joy and happiness were to be found in abundance!

Mazel Tov! … Mushka and Eliot

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