The Importance of Music

Today, I've been editing Bex & Kyle's wedding ceremony at Hanse House in King's Lynn.

While the couple signed the register, they played Emeli Sandé's "Next To You". When I was watching the footage back, and heard this track, I instantly knew where it would fit in their film.

Now, I probably drive my brides and grooms nuts chasing them for their song choices, but when it comes to film, music is key.

Let me explain...

The song, "Next To You", works on so many levels for me. It references a loyal family man, and as Bex & Kyle's film begins, we see Bex arriving with her father.

I like how the lyrics work in a literal sense, as Bex's Dad is standing by her side, supporting her on her big day (in the most amazing suit ever. EVER).

The film then cuts to Kyle, who is upstairs in the ceremony room, who Bex will be standing next to in moments when they make their marriage vows.

For me, this song perfectly fits the transition from Bex being single, to becoming a married woman, side by side with the two most important men in her life.

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