Diary of a Wedding Videographer {7}

Behind the scenes this week, Emma & Lucan's wedding in King's Lynn...

When I first met Emma, I knew straight away that her wedding was going to be different, in a magical way. For her, spoken voices were far more important than music to accompany her film, which led us to the idea of producing a 'Living Guestbook'. Instead of guests leaving a written note in a book expressing their best wishes for the couple's future, I would film them saying it.

Wedding Film

Armed with a guest list, I mingled with Emma & Lucan's family and friends, on their wedding day, and filmed their messages for prosperity. This was the first time that I've filmed guests talking directly to camera, but it was so much fun, and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

My favourite piece of advice was from one of Emma's friends, who recommended not getting a dog after having a kitchen extension! Wise words indeed! Lol!

Emma & Lucan's wedding and afternoon reception at Congham Hall were simply stunning. From the flowers, to Emma's dress, to the couple's daughter, Bea, beaming at her mum when she made her entrance as a bride. I also had to admire Emma's courage and strength for saying a few words that she'd written herself during the wedding ceremony. I would not have been able to do that on my wedding day, and even shed a tear while I was filming them, it was such a touching moment. It seemed only fitting therefore, that their cinematic highlights opened with these words.

Wedding flowers


Emma & Lucan's wedding, was very much a day of two halves. The daytime was intimate and laid back, while the evening had a real party vibe. After the wedding breakfast and speeches were complete, the wedding party made their way to King's Lynn Town Hall for a disco, casino, fresh popcorn and candy floss, while the evening guests arrived to join proceedings. Bea had lots of her little friends there too, and they were adorable to film on the dancefloor wiggling away!

Wedding ceremony

While Emma did not want modern pop songs in her film, I suggested that we use some classical music to accompany the sections of the film where there was no talking. I found some beautiful tracks, including a cello version of One Direction's 'Story of my Life' and the song 'Married Life' from the Disney film Up, alongside some more traditional songs.

And as crazy as it sounds, the main theme tune from Jurassic Park worked beautifully with Emma & Lucan driving away from Congham Hall in a Rolls Royce, and arriving at the historic Town Hall in King's Lynn. I just love it when you find the perfect song to accompany a film, it takes it to a whole new level.

Watch Emma & Lucan's cinematic highlights below...

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