Diary of a Wedding Videographer {3}

It's been a busy week of editing, location scouting along the Norfolk Coast and two totally awesome coincidences...

I'm in the second week of editing Lisa & Iain's wedding film and have been pulling together the best shots to use to tell the story of their big day. At this point, I always want to jump ahead of myself, and post screenshots and teaser trailers before I've finished colour grading, but I need to be disciplined and avoid the call of social media! That said Happisburgh Church looked absolutely resplendent, bathed in sunshine, on the day of their wedding, so I am going to share a couple of screen-grabs of their flowers (I know, I know, but I can't resist, lol!)...

Pink Gerbera
Thistle Pew End

I am also, currently, in the final stages of planning Victoria & Lawrence's wedding film, and I met up with the couple last night to hear about their day and to attend their rehearsal. For me, attending a church wedding ceremony rehearsal is indispensable. The ceremony itself may be made up of the same components, but they are still totally unique. This is where the first coincidence popped up... I found out last night that the couple have had their wedding ceremony moved from Witton to Happisburgh Church, which is where I filmed 2 weeks ago! From a filmmaking perspective, this is fantastic as it's a beautiful, bright, open church and I already know the best positions for my cameras and sound recorders.

However, without giving anything away, there are three big differences in the ceremony that I need to allow for when filming. And to that end, I sat down with a coffee this morning and sketched the front of the church and my camera angles, so I that I don't miss anything.


The second coincidence, and something that is very close to my heart, I'm going to keep under wraps for now. But, I'm very very excited about it and I know Victoria and Lawrence's guests are absolutely going to love it! Check back next week to see what it is... xoxo

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