Diary of a Wedding Videographer {1}

This week, I've been talking logos with KW Design, planning the "must have" shots for an upcoming film and updating the workwear in my wardrobe!

My next wedding film is less than two weeks away, so I've started brainstorming ideas for the shots I need to tell the story of Lisa & Iain's big day.

wedding planning

When I met up with Lisa & Iain, and their mums, at the end of last year, it became apparent early on, how significant the villiage of Happisburgh is to Lisa's family.

Not only is Lisa getting ready at her mum's house in the village (I'm definitely going to be scanning the family photos for some childhood shots!), but the couple are also tying the knot in the church there.

It's details like this that help me to build a picture of Lisa and Iain's film, ahead of their wedding day, so that I can make it truly unique and personal to them.

I'm also planning a recce to Happisburgh next week to get some test shots of the coastline, church and lighthouse. My current thinking is that I'll use these aspects of the village to introduce the location of the wedding before capturing the build up to the ceremony as the bridal party gets ready.

A few weeks ago, I attended a Social Media Workshop run by Lamb Social Media Management, and a couple of things really stuck in my mind:

1. Social Media is called 'social' for a reason. Use it to socialise. Like, share and comment on other peoples' posts

2. If you don't invest in your brand why should customers invest in you?


Now, this second point really struck a chord...

I've been thinking about getting a logo designed for a while, and hearing how crucial branding can be gave me the push I needed to look into it. Luckily for me, Kayleigh from KW Design Studio, was also on the course, so I met up with her to get the ball rolling. Over at her studio, I showed Kayleigh some images that inspired me (geometric, water-colour tattoos of all things) and explained my brief. She totally understood what I was looking for and I can't wait to see her initial designs!

I also managed a quick shopping trip at the weekend and found this gorgeous black dress to add to my workwear wardrobe. When I film, especially at weddings, I like to look smart, but inconspicuous, so that I can blend into the background and capture natural footage of the day as it unfolds.

In other clothing news, as it's been so cold this week and my office is above the garage, I've had to break out one of my favourite things to wear... my fluffy, knee-length bodywarmer from Topshop.

It makes me look like a sheep, but it's so soft and warm, it's like me hugged by a teddy bear while I'm working. Check out my Instagram pics, if you want to see me wearing it!

Black Dress
furry gillet

The Diary of a Wedding Videographer continues next week with a trip to London, coffee with two of my brides-to-be and the final prep for Lisa & Iain's wedding film...

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