My top 3 tips on how to achieve a natural looking wedding film

The Kardashians may have it down to a fine art, but it’s not easy being filmed all day.

Here are my top 3 tips, as a Norfolk wedding videographer, on how to achieve a natural look for your wedding film.

1. Ignore your videographer

The best thing you can do, to achieve a natural looking wedding film, is to pretend your videographer isn’t there. They won’t think you’re being rude, they’ll just think you’re enjoying your wedding day. Imagine watching your DVD and seeing everyone laughing and talking to one another. Looks good right? Now imagine everyone waving at the camera and acting up with big fake smiles on their faces. Is that how you want to remember your wedding day? Probably not. The best shots are taken when you behave as if your videographer wasn't there.

2. Take a deep breath

Tension shows. And it doesn’t look good in a wedding film. I personally stop shooting as soon as the person I’m pointing my camera at looks uncomfortable. Not everyone likes to be filmed, especially if they’re aware of it happening, and I feel that professionals should respect this. As the bride and groom, it’s unlikely that you’ll be camera shy, but that doesn’t mean it's easy being followed by cameras for hours. If you’re relaxed, you’ll look happy, so take a deep breath, roll your shoulders back and go and have fun with your guests.

3. Don’t fake it

Hopefully there’ll be lots going on to occupy you, so you won’t feel the need to pretend you’re having a good time. However, if at any point you feel you should be doing something entertaining for the sake of your wedding film, please don’t. Your purpose isn’t to entertain your guests on behalf of your wedding videographer, it is to enjoy your day. You’re not making a Hollywood Blockbuster, you don’t need to act to look good in your film, just be yourself. That said, if you do find your spirits need lifting (it is a long day after all) there’s no harm in finding a ‘merry’ friend or relative with whom you can have a laugh and a drink and maybe evening a boogie.

Norfolk Wedding Videographer
Norfolk Wedding Videographer

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