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My films are about people. Their stories, their family, their friends, their wedding day.

If I had to describe my style, I would class myself as a documentary style videographer. At weddings, I am there to observe and shoot, not to orchestrate.

I'm laid back and unobtrusive. I film the day as it unfolds, so as not to interrupt the flow of events. This means that your film is a natural reflection of your big day.

Having been a bride, I know how it feels to step into your fairy-tale wedding dress, walk down the aisle and meet your husband-to-be. All of the hard work and planning come together at that emotional moment you become husband and wife.

Wedding days go so fast, but a full HD film set to the music of your choice ensures that you, your children, family and friends can relive your precious moments time and again.

Aside from wedding films what are my passions?


Well, I'm a Disney freak! Be it the theme parks, fancy dress, the films, the songs. I love it all! I also adore live music, every genre there is from classical to metal, and I even sing in a rock choir!

Picture courtesy of Taber Photography

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